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Listed below are pieces by various O’Shaughnessys they finally got done.
(Includes work by Bern, ostensibly written by his character Wish Bernum.)

Periodic Table of the Elephants | print
printed, offered for sale at
by Bry O’Shaughnessy
This piece is discovered by Wish Bernum in the map room of Rabbit’s lodge in Bern O’Shaughnessy’s The Quiet Underwoods.

. . .

The Quiet Underwoods | novel
finished, having its ears tweaked before going to market
by Bern O’Shaughnessy
When Wish Bernum’s Alzheimer’s-ridden mother vanishes from her nursing home and turns up behind the wheel of a supercharged vintage 1936 Pierce Arrow that hit a moose at 135 mph, it’s up to him to find the mysterious parties kidnapping and killing old people in apt and spectacular ways all across the country.

. . .

William Blake’s Tube Map of Hell, 21c. | print
printed, offered for sale at
by Nog O’Shaughnessy
This is another item hanging on the wall of Rabbit’s map room, alongside the elephants print.

. . .

Bark Mice | novel
finished, in edits

by Wish Bernum
Eight preternaturally intelligent mice paddle an egg carton thirty miles down a small southeastern Wisconsin river, facing owls, cats, winter, and the limits of their understanding, as they seek to deliver a dying creature’s urgent plea for help.

. . .

peerless mutton

a cornucopea
of smorgasbords

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